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Kratom Wholesale Specialist

We dedicated ourselves to ongoing process of providing the highest grade Kratom strains for our customers. Started as a regular consumer of Borneo Kratom strain, and satisfied by the results, we thought that Kratom needs more recognition, therefore our business began.

Based on West Borneo, Indonesia, we started by purchasing it directly from the Kratom farmers in remote areas, where most of the highest grade of Kratom strains are produced, we gained our local customers’  trust and expanded our sales region to Bali, Indonesia.

With Specionesia, you can expect to get the highest grade of Kratom strains, with the cheapest price out there, and we are open for bargain.

Our current goal, is to become a leading Kratom strains supplier to the selective U.S states and other countries, we provide safe and trustworthy shipment directly to your door. We are well aware of how strict the shipment of Kratom to U.S and many other countries, our partner in shipment company provides the best service of shipping with the cheapest price, and guarantee of the products arrived safely to your door.

I love kratom but i’m not interested in doing online business with anyone but specionesia! Thank you!

Shantell S.

The super red was really good. As soon as I get my funds together I am planning maybe ordering 5 kilos to start. I like the 3 samples you sent.
Shane O.

I tried white and green. White was more intense and green i tried today,thats feels more relaxing.

Tom K.





This product is packaged and sold as bulk botanical ingredients and with no directions for use or claims regarding them. Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consume it with your own discretion.

Specionesia shall not be responsible for any injury or incident during the consumption of this product.

For shipment outside of Indonesia Region, the packaging would be packed as required by the freight company recommendation, meaning it would be packed with different package than our domestic packaging. The international packaging has the characteristic of plain, untagged, and not labeled with our brand.