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Red Jongkong 1 Kg


Jongkong is located further down the stream of Borneo River, unpoluted environment makes the Jongkong Kratom is stronger than other strains, as well as its Alkaloid/Mitragynine point.
Acknowledge by Kratom veterans, Jongkong is their new favorite.

A natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and painkillers. Helpful in fighting withdrawal symptoms of opiate drugs. Red vein strains are further divided into different categories and each type has different properties and effects. The leaves coming from Thailand have mild sedative effects, while others such as Red Hulu are known to uplift mood.

The intensity and the spectrum of effects also depend on the dosage. When taken in small doses, red vein strains promote tranquility and peace of mind.


This product is packaged and sold as bulk botanical ingredients and with no directions for use or claims regarding them. Keep out of reach of children. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consume it with your own discretion.

Specionesia shall not be responsible for any injury or incident during the consumption of this product.

The packaging would be packed as required by the freight company recommendation. The international packaging has the characteristic of plain, untagged, and not labeled with our brand.


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Weight1 kg
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